Cyber attack on Japan Airlines

Japan-Airlines-Network-Breached-Info-Of-Up-To-750-000-Frequent-Flyers-StolenMajor Cyber Security breach on Japan Airlines  (JAL) impacts up to 750,000 customers !

A phishing attack may have resulted in the theft of personal information belonging to customers of Japan Airlines’s frequent flier club.

The data compromised includes names, addresses, genders and places of work of anywhere between 110,000 and 750,000 members of the program, according to the Japan Times.

The leak was due to an “unauthorized access” to JAL’s database by an external server, an airline official told the local news agency Kyodo . The airline claims that malware was installed on some of the airline’s computers causing the unauthorized access to the customers information

Following an investigation – which found that 23 computers contained malware – the airline determined that no credit card or financial information was impacted by the breach. The airline detected the intrusion on Friday and Monday, however, it believes the attacks have gone undetected for more than one month and were introduced to the airline’s network via a phishing email.

This incident follows a similar attack on the airline in February, in which hackers penetrated a different program Japan Airlines offers, which allows customers to trade in mileage points for gift coupons.

The airline said it has taken steps to block further unauthorized access to its database and has launched a full investigation.


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